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Tekton and the Promise of Reusable Pipelines

The advent of Cloud and Container technology ushered a new era in distributed computing at “planet scale” which was unheard of and unimaginable just a decade ago. Another interesting movement was brewing up a decade ago which bolstered delivering these complex solutions at high speed and accuracy, DevOps. These two paradigm shifts have gone hand in hand complementing each other to shape up distributed computing in the way we know (or are still learning about) today.

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DevOps or Lean?

DevOps has been instrumental in transforming IT responsiveness to business, as is evident by the fact that we have enterprises from all walks of life including Banks adopting DevOps. It’s certainly not a thing that hip web companies do now. However, with this rush to “do” DevOps comes the noise associated with it and hence, the confusions.

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