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The Changing Landscape for Digital Transformation Projects

Businesses, I believe, are being challenged in unprecedented ways to respond to market realities and demands. There is no play book available for some of the large changes that we are witnessing today both on the demand side as well as supply side. Newer technologies are constantly challenging the existing status quo and traditional industries are getting reimagined and disrupted. And all this is happening at tremendous pace and scale. This has put Digital Transformation initiatives on steroids.

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Agile Mindset

No Species for an Agile Mindset!

We are all too familiar with this scenario – the team follows all the structure, processes and methods that are recommended for Agile, but we have this sinking “feeling” that the team is not Agile, something seems amiss.

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10 Hacks for a Happy and High-Performance Workplace

As we embark on a new decade, I thought this may be a good time to reflect on Happiness – specifically, Happiness at work. It is with a sense of trepidation that I write about concepts like happiness, and doubly so in the context of the workplace. The trouble starts right at the very beginning, with the basic question of the definition of happiness.

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The Curious Case of Cognitive Biases – Human Condition to $c#*w up?

In his classic talk “The Psychology of Human Misjudgment”,  given to a Harvard University audience in 1995, Charlie Munger, the iconic and legendary business partner of Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway, talks about the terrible ignorance and patterned extreme irrationality which he observed in himself and others soon after he graduated from Harvard Law School. He further adds that he made careful notes mostly by observations and some by reading and used these as principles and tools for his life and work. Broadly what Charlie Munger calls as Human Misjudgments can be now categorized as Cognitive biases in Behavioral economics and psychology.

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Agility – More to it than Method?

Like in much of life, there is a serious paradox tearing at the very heart of teamwork. In today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous business world (VUCA for short), being an Agile business is not an option but an existential necessity. In this backdrop, when we look at work in teams and organizations, especially knowledge work, the divide between methods, versus flexibility, is as paradoxical as day and night. This is especially a challenge for large, established and successful companies. The consulting company Mckinsey has tried to address some of the paradox in their Dec 2015 article “Agility: It rhymes with Stability” (

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The Yin-Yang of Productivity

This year’s Nobel for Economics has gone to the Behavioural Economist Richard Thaler. Richard is a Distinguished Professor at the Chicago Booth Business School. His big work is the influence of clues and society on individual decision making and actions.

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How Cognitive Overload Impacts Productivity?

Fast forward twenty years and we are sitting in a digital marketing review meeting. We were presented with so many dimensions, so much of information, data, graphs, correlations. It was overwhelming, to say the least. How could we possibly make sense of this and make an informed decision after analyzing so much of information?

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The Flow State

This is a series of blogs of my thoughts on the most important of human endeavors, Work and its associated things like Productivity and Processes. This is third in the series. In this blog, we explore the possibility of creating conditions for optimal experience at our work and jobs, more commonly referred to as “Flow State”.

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