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SwiftKanban is 10!

It was early 2010.  We – the Digite management team – were gathered at one of our management review meetings across US and India.  It was probably late night for us here in the US – and we were doing a review of the status of development of our new platform – codenamed Gandiva – that was to be the next generation foundation for all our products.

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How to Revitalize your Kanban Implementation

In my Consulting role at Digité, I get to work with a lot of our customers who are implementing Agile/ Kanban.  We typically engage with them when they are looking to consolidate – formalize, deepen and perhaps make more structured or organized – their Lean/ Agile journey till date. That is when they usually decide that they need a serious enterprise Agile/ Kanban tool to help them in their Agile Transformation objectives.

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Kanban, SAFe and Innovation – Can they Co-exist?

In a recent conversation, an analyst I was briefing made an interesting point.  He said that while Kanban and SAFe® provided incremental change/ improvements, real innovation and real change came from disruptive forces – technology innovation or others – and those were the kind of changes organizations had to nurture and bring about in order to leapfrog competition, industry and market.

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Upstream Kanban – Aligning Strategy to Execution

Having been a product manager for a long time, running Digité’s Product Management since we started till about a couple of years ago, I have been passionate about putting the focus on all the work that the product management function at a product organization must orchestrate in order to ensure that the organization as a whole is working on the right things at the right time, AND making sure that that work is getting to Dev teams with the right level of detail so they can work on them without any doubts on priority of the work or the requirements of the product features to be developed.

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Moving from Waterfall to Agile with Kanban

This question was asked on a project management forum which I responded to.  Considering how many software teams are moving from traditional to Agile processes using Kanban, I felt it would be useful to share my answer here as well.

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