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Adaptive Work and Project Management Platform

Nimble is the next generation AI-driven Lean/ Agile Work & Project Management solution focused on helping your teams collaborate, manage and deliver their work effectively and efficiently. Nimble comes with a unique combination of features to manage and deliver a wide range of traditional, Agile and other work management projects across industries, complete with out of the box real-world templates that get you off to a quick start!

Nimble Makes Your Workplace More Human

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Helps you and your coworkers connect, reach out, and help each other.

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Visualizes work and shows everyone the bottlenecks and performance improvements.

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Helps you see your colleagues, customers and partners for who they really are and what motivates them.

What Makes Nimble Different

Nimble provides the right environment for you
and your co-workers to thrive.


Be with your team and your community wherever you are. Be who you are. Share whatever you want. Interests, goals, a purpose. Cat pictures. Crazy dance moves. Oh, your work and deadlines!


Create a positive work environment by actively listening to - and empathizing with - others. Show them that you understand, value their opinions. Enable an environment of collaboration and trust.


Work together, from wherever you are. Encourage, support and enthuse your coworkers. Discuss, design and build together. Build positive energy. Break down silos. Get work done!


Be Nimble - plan in iterations so you can respond to change faster. Test your ideas with your customers and get feedback in shorter cycles. Design and build incrementally to deliver the best results.


Make Work Fun! By staying on top of it at all times. Deliver your projects successfully. Manage change adaptively with transparent win-win relationships.


Nothing succeeds like Success. See the human side of everyone you interact with. Build trust through respect and commitment. Build a culture that inspires!

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From Waterfall to Agile, simplify work with ready to use Templates

Avoid starting from scratch on work boards or project plans. Our pre-configured templates gets you moving – fast

Transform The Way You Work

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Collaborate at the Cafe!

Nimble Café is our powerful collaboration hangout where you can easily connect and chat with your teammates, share a photo, provide/react on status update, offer help or ask for it!

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Manage Work Visually

Nimble brings the power of visual work management using Kanban boards front and center, providing the power of visualization and changing how you manage work.
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Manage Adaptively

Here, Lean/Agile Project and Program management meets serious project management in a lightweight web app. Be it regular work, managing small team-projects, or running large enterprise-wide programs, Nimble eases it all!

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Leverage the Power of AI

Humanize work with AI and Machine Learning. Diverse tools such similarity recommendation engine, Help bot, or team sentiment analysis allows to be more productive and creative, eases team interactions, and helps you succeed.

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Stay in touch on the go! Nimble Mobile App

Take control of your work in Nimble on the go, anywhere, anytime using the Nimble App. Now, you can just tap your way to view the workitems assigned to you and update workitem details, do time tracking, add comments and attachments, and so on.

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