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As leaders across the spectrum grapple with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world, we at Digité are doing our bit to help as well. If you have lost your job due to cost-cutting measures, or are simply considering an alternate line of work, we are here to help! Nimblework is a pioneer in Lean/ Agile Project and Work Management – and our product SwiftKanban is one of the leading Lean/ Agile tools for anyone looking to manage their work collaboratively and visually.
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Learn About Lean/ Agile

If you are looking to learn about Lean/ Agile principles and use an Agile project/ work management tool, we can give you the help you need. Refer to our extensive online Agile/ Kanban guide to learn about this body of knowledge that organizations the world over are adopting. We provide a combination of articles, book recommendations and videos, including webinars, for you to get a comprehensive insight into the current state of the Lean/ Agile body of knowledge. You can then learn to apply these Lean/ Agile principles by using SwiftKanban for yourself, your family (yes, there’s something called Personal Kanban that can help you and your family get better organized!) or your professional colleagues. Of course, if your company decides to use SwiftKanban for official work, we request that you ask them to pay us for that use 🙂 Simply signup for FREE – and see if this is something you can use. LEARN MORE ABOUT KANBAN

What is Kanban?

Kanban is a visual system for managing work as it moves through a process. Kanban visualizes both the process (the workflow) and the actual work passing through that process. There is no restriction on where to use Kanban, it can be used anywhere where there is a flow of work. The basic structure of Kanban will have just 3 columns as shown below:
  • “To Do”: This column lists the tasks that are not yet started.
  • “Doing”: Consists of the tasks that are in progress.
  • “Done”: Consists of the tasks that are completed.

How can Kanban help in your daily tasks?

Kanban helps you keep track of your work, whether it is researching & writing an essay or if you are doing a project and want to track from start to end. We all have a bunch of things we need to accomplish. Being optimistic by nature, we tend to take on more things than we can handle. Paying a bill, shopping for groceries, little – and big – personal projects (financial planning?!), the list goes on. We WANT to do them, but we procrastinate, postpone, forget – until we can’t. We have too many things we need to do, we take on too many things (too many balls in the air), and the result? – nothing gets accomplished. Things get pushed out, forgotten, or worse, done poorly!

This is where Kanban shines and helps you manage your tasks efficiently.

Kanban has just 2 basic principles 

  • Visualize your Work
  • Limit your work-in-progress

By just following these 2 principles you can enhance your day to day productivity.

The human brain processes visual data faster than something written on paper. And since Kanban is a visual process it will be easier for you to track everything in one place and keep a tab on things at one glance.

Get Trained in Kanban!

Powerful Predictive Analytics and Risk Management

Nimble is an official partner with the Kanban University. The Kanban University, led by David Anderson, provides an extensive network of trainers and coaches to help you and your teams learn Kanban. We not only have certified Kanban trainers and coaches on our staff, we can also offer you discounted training and certification programs for learning about Lean/ Kanban.

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