Story Mapping

Brainstorm and Plan your User’s Journey Visually!

Facilitate product discovery and prioritization of development work.

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Visualize your User’s Journey

The Story Mapping board offers you a comprehensive visual tool to analyze, brainstorm and breakdown your user’s journey in a specific workflow of their regular work, starting with high-level steps down to the lowest level tasks they must be able to accomplish using your product. Inspired by Jeff Patton’s famous model, Story Mapping helps you analyze, visualize, breakdown and communicate the end-to-end user journey from the big picture (typically captured in themes or epics) to actionable steps (typically user stories).

Define your Stories in 3 levels

The Story Mapping board helps you define the Story Map in three levels:

  • Frame the big picture of the user journey at the top level to capture the high-level steps (as Themes or Epics) of an overall workflow or task.
  • Break them down to the next level (typically Epics or Features) activities. These can be identified specific to each persona who is involved in that workflow.
  • Decompose each Epic/ Feature into specific user steps or activities (typically as user stories)

These user stories can then be associated with your product development plan, by associating them to specific Releases (or PIs) and Sprints of your development plan. 

Develop your Personas and Functions

With Story Mapping, you can clearly identify the specific sets of users (personas) who will interact with your product and define the specific tasks and activities that they will perform using the product. This helps you establish persona-specific functional and non-functional requirements of the system accurately. Personas are linked to the second level steps such as Epics.

Build your PI/ Release and Sprint Plan Interactively!

Once you have fully built out your Story Map, and your Release/ Sprint plan, it’s easy to simply drag and drop related sets of user stories against specific Sprints and associated Release/ PI.  Communicate your Release Plan effortlessly with your stakeholders and customers!

Build Multi-Board Story Maps!

If you are using multiple Kanban Boards to manage upstream and downstream processes of your overall product development, where you might have some cards (themes and epics) in a higher level roadmap board – while user stories get managed and developed in a dev board, you can build a multi-board Story Map that pulls the cards in the story map from the right board to give you a complete picture of your users’ journeys!

Visualize your workflow and manage your work in an Easy and Intuitive way

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