The Portfolio Management help enterprises to consolidate all program /project requests from different departments / functions, review them in a structured manner and take decision on those that would be funded for execution. It helps the decision makers to monitor the approved programs/projects during execution for ROI so that subsequent decision on funding can be taken.  The Portfolio Management is best suited for all kind of Programs / Projects irrespective of their method of execution such as Agile, Waterfall etc. The PM is helpful in visualizing the Strategic PM (Collation of ideas, evaluation & approval for execution) and Execution PM (actual execution of approved Programs/projects).

The process of Portfolio Management is as given below –

  1. Capture demand. A demand can be an idea, initiative, or project.
  2. Review the demand individually or as a portfolio mapped to the organisation goals.
  3. Shortlist the demand individually or as a portfolio based on the business benefit and alignment to organization goals.
  4. Approve the shortlisted demands, allocate budget, and send an order to project execution system.
  5. Review the Program(s)/ Portfolio(s) at defined periodicity and reallocate the budget.

PPM Process

The Portfolio Planning Management has the following personas –

  1. Demand sponsors.
  2. CXO/ Division head
  3. Portfolio Manager
  4. Application Administrator

Portfolio Planning Process

To access the PPM, navigate to the Apps > Portfolio Management menu.

The default screen and the list of menus appear as per the persona. For example, if you are logging with the Admin persona you will the Master list page by default.

Video Reference

To dive deeper into Portfolio Management, we recommend watching the reference videos available here.
Quick Overview of Portfolio Management:

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