Defining Hierarchies

Articles on defining hierarchies between cards

Linking Cards

Published on 23 Aug 2021

By using the Linked Cards tab in a card you can add and view the various linkings like the Parent-Child link, Traceability link, or Dependency link. Once you click the Linked Cards tab, it displays the following options: Parent-child Links Traceability Dependency Working with Parent-child Links You can perform the same actions like adding a […]

Tracking Card Progress Using Portfolio Lane

Published on 1 Aug 2021

Portfolio Swimlane is a special type of Smart Lane that you can use to visualize and manage cards. The two key features that the Portfolio Lane provides are: Use of the horizontal axis to depict progress completion of cards.  So, a card that is further down the right side of the portfolio lane in terms […]

Defining Hierarchy Between Card Types

Published on 23 Jul 2021

SwiftKanban lets you define a parent-child relationship between different cards to define a hierarchy. This can be useful in situations where larger (the parent) cards need to be broken down into several smaller (the child) cards for better planning and execution. This entire Card Hierarchy approach in SwiftKanban is through a highly visual interface that […]

Quick Link Feature

Published on 31 Aug 2016

If you would like to quickly create a parent-child card hierarchy on the Kanban board, then the Quick Link is a great feature that instantly helps you build that hierarchy. To create the parent-child link, you don’t have to navigate to the Linked Cards section, instead just need to press control and select the card, […]

Defining Card Hierarchies

Published on 1 Jun 2016

SwiftKanban provides several features for you to model hierarchical data – such as Programs (with Projects and Sub-Projects), Portfolios of (Strategic/ Corporate) Initiatives and Projects, or even simpler hierarchies such as Themes – Epics – User Stories or Release – Sprints – User Stories, etc. Each of these contains parent cards – and one or […]

Working with Card Creation and Hierarchy Import using Microsoft® Excel

Published on 17 Mar 2015

You can use SwiftKanban to create new card, map relationship hierarchy among new and existing cards in a Microsoft® Excel file, and import that file into SwiftKanban. This import feature significantly reduces time and effort when you plan for a mass update or data transfer between SwiftKanban and third-party tools like Atlassian® JIRA. Following are […]

Creating Parent Child Hierarchy on Board

Published on 22 Oct 2013

You can use SwiftKanban to define a parent-child hierarchy among cards. Parent-child hierarchies in Kanban are constructed from a single parent card having multiple child cards.  You can build the hierarchical relationship by: Creating new parent or child card and establishing their relationship with an existing card Establishing hierarchical relationship between existing cards Note: Following […]