SwiftKanban Guide

Welcome to the SwiftKanban User Guide.

If you are an Admin, we suggest you go through both these sections:  SwiftKanban Account Admin and Board Managers and Team Members.

If you are a Board Manager, Team Member, or Reader, please go through the Help pages under Board Managers and Team Members section.

SwiftKanban Account Admin

Setting Up Your Account as Account Admin

Define your Enterprise Settings.

Adding and Assigning Users

Add your users to your account, assign them a role, and build your team.

Board Managers and Team Members

Getting Yourself Acquainted with User Interface

Get an overview of the user interface.



Designing the Kanban Board

Understand the principles of the Board Design and its components.

Managing the Kanban Board

Manage your Board effectively by understanding the Board-level Visualization/ Menu Operation.

Working with the Kanban Cards

Get to know various card-level Operations.

Hierarchical Work & Portfolio Kanban

Deep dive into the Enterprise/ Portfolio Kanban.


Analytics and Reporting

Analyze data with the help of Analytics and Reporting.

Other Advanced Topics



If you want to view all the other Help pages under their respective categories, click here.