Getting Started

How to Create Custom Templates

This article will help you understand how to create custom templates and utilize them in future retrospectives. Skip Ahead to: Overview Steps to Create a Custom Template Utilize Custom Template for New Retro Overview Custom templates allow teams to focus on specific aspects of their work process, enabling deeper reflection and analysis tailored to their […]

How to Start with an Icebreaker?

On adding a new retro, the fourth step is to Select Icebreaker. In this step, there are three different icebreakers to start a retrospective. A good retrospective Icebreaker is short, fun, and engaging. It is designed to engage participants and encourage interaction at the beginning of the retrospective session. Icebreakers help set a positive tone, […]

How to Schedule a Retro

While onboarding on NimbleRetro, in the second step New retro. First, enter the retrospective name. And click the NEXT button to move to the third step of the onboarding process. If you want to schedule a retro for a later date or time then switch the Schedule for a later date/time toggle button. Now, click […]

Familiarize with the User Interface of NimbleRetro

In this article, we will help you to familiarize yourself with the user interface of NimbleRetro. Skip Ahead to: Overview Terminologies for the Key UI Elements Overview As you know the product’s user interface is rich yet simple that makes it faster and easier to use. It is a logically organized tool where you can […]

Best Template to Conduct your Retrospective

In this article, we will learn about the different templates to conduct a retrospective. Skip Ahead to: Overview Glad Sad Mad What Went Well Start Stop Continue 4L’s Custom Templates Overview Template selection allows you to select a suitable template from a set of pre-defined standard templates for your retrospective. While onboarding, the Select template […]

Getting Familiar with NimbleRetro

Get ready to facilitate and interact using NimbleRetro. It helps you conduct your retrospective meetings online in a participative, collaborative, and time-bound manner. It builds a space for every team member to share their feedback without any worry as all feedbacks are anonymous. With industry best practices, NimbleRetro focuses to walk your team through an […]