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Integrating SwiftKanban with Microsoft Teams

Published on 4 Aug 2021

In this article, we will help you understand how to integrate SwiftKanban with Microsoft Teams. Skip Ahead to: Overview Add SwiftKanban to MS Teams Performing Board Operations Convert your message into a SwiftKanban Card Getting Notifications in MS Teams from SwiftKanban Remove SwiftKanban from MS Teams Remove SwiftKanban Notifications (Connector) from MS Teams Overview Microsoft […]

Integrating SwiftKanban with Zapier

Published on 27 Jul 2020

In this article, we will help you understand how to integrate SwiftKanban with Zapier. Skip Ahead to: Overview How to Get Started with SwiftKanban on Zapier Connecting with Zapier Overview Have you ever wanted to create a card on your Kanban board based on an email or calendar invite you received? Have you ever wanted […]

Working with External Work Requests

Published on 2 Apr 2020

This article is divided into different sections: Introduction: This section is an introduction to the External Work Requests. Creating External Work Requests: This section describes how to create an External Work request. Embed External Work Requests in a Website: This section explains how to use the code and information provided to embed your new External […]

Integrating SwiftKanban with Slack

Published on 6 Sep 2018

The skbot app for Slack provides a great way to link your SwiftKanban teams to your Slack Channels. You can now add cards to Board in SwiftKanban directly from Slack without needing to switch through sites. Similarly, you can also add any conversation in Slack to the card as a comment. Let’s learn how you […]