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Learn to Add Comment and Manage Attachments

Published on 5 Aug 2021

In this article, we will help you understand how to add comments and attachments to a card. Skip Ahead to: Overview Add/Reply to Comments in the Item View Add/Reply to Comments from the Board Add Comments to Multiple Cards using Batch Update Edit Your Comments Track and Add Comments in Exported Cards Mention Your Team-mates […]

Working with the Card Listing

Published on 4 Aug 2021

In this article, we will help you understand the workings of the card listing. Skip Ahead to: Overview Navigation All Card Listing View Card Position Backlog Cards To-Dos Specific Card Types Card Operations Overview Other than viewing the cards in the SwiftKanban Board, you can also view them in the list format. The Card listing […]

Create a Card

Published on 4 Aug 2021

In this article, we will help you understand how to create a card. Skip Ahead to: Navigation Create User Stories Create Defects Create Issues Create Custom Cards Navigation Navigate to the Main Menu > Card Listing and select the card type to create cards. For example, Main Menu » Card Listing » User Stories. After […]

Searching a Card

Published on 31 Jul 2021

In this article, we will help you understand how to search for a card. Skip Ahead to: Solr Search Key Features of Solr Search Search Scope Solr Search SwiftKanban Solr Search is a smarter, faster way to find the cards you are looking for in the application. It is truly a Global Search, where every […]

Working with Cards on Kanban Board

Published on 31 Jul 2021

Overview Kanban Board is the central place to execute your work based on your workflow, where your work is visible as it flows while limiting work-in-progress. The SwiftKanban Board is a powerful and flexible real-time Kanban Board for executing projects based on visual management. It is designed such that it gives you visual cues to […]

Predicting Completion Date for Cards

Published on 29 Jul 2021

*** This is an Add-On licensed feature. Please contact us at [email protected] to know how to avail it. In this article, we will help you understand how to predict completion dates for cards. Skip Ahead to: Overview How to Calculate the Forecast Date of a Newly Added Card Acquiring a License for the Forecast Date Basic Cycle Time […]

Dependency Links in Card

Published on 7 Aug 2020

In this article, we will help you understand the dependency links in a card. Skip Ahead to: Overview Dependency in Graphical View Color of the Dependency Links and Dependency Icon on Kanban Board Dependency in List View Adding a Predecessor to a Card Adding a Successor to a Card Removing the Dependent See the Dependency […]

Card Anatomy

Published on 7 Aug 2020

The card anatomy is designed to provide you with more flexibility to choose and display flags, actions, and attributes that you use frequently on your card. We have organized these icons in such a manner that you can use more icons on a card in a clutter-free and organized way and quickly perform the most […]

Applying Flags on Cards

Published on 20 Jun 2018

SwiftKanban offers you various types of flags as listed below; you can use one or more as appropriate: Manual: If you want to simply highlight a card for discussion. Risk: If you identify a risk with a card. Issue: If you identify an issue with a card. Block(or Blocker): If you are stuck for any […]

Using the Upstream Kanban

Published on 8 Aug 2017

In today’s Agile and disruptive business ecosystem, it is critical to developing robust business models through more intelligent systems and processes. The delivery mechanism must significantly reduce the time between placing customer request and fulfilling it by committing and delivering exactly what is needed when it is needed, and in the exact amount needed. So, […]

Bulk Operations On Card

Published on 8 Aug 2017

Bulk operations are multiple instances of similar activities at the same time. Using this feature, you can save time and effort by updating or performing multiple operations on a bulk of cards. Example – You want to set the priority as High for 8 cards. Rather than setting priority individually, you can set it for […]

Adding Card via E-mail

Published on 18 Jul 2016

SwiftKanban supports adding cards on a Kanban board via email and then adding attachments and comments in due course of time.  This feature is intended to help Support and Helpdesk teams, who get a lot of support tickets and issues reported to them via email.  With this feature, Support teams members using SwiftKanban for managing […]

Sorting and Filtering Cards

Published on 20 Oct 2011

You can sort cards in the List view, navigate to Main Menu » Card Listing » Backlog) based on any column name by clicking the column heading. For example, to sort the backlog based on Rank, click the Rank column. The first time it sorts in an ascending order. If you click again, the backlog […]

Exporting and Importing Cards

Published on 20 Oct 2011

In SwiftKanban, you can export cards from Kanban board to Microsoft® Excel .Once you have exported, you can later import these cards from the Excel file but using the Import feature. Not just cards, you can export and save the card hierarchy in an Excel sheet. You can further use this Excel sheet to import the card hierarchy. […]