Bulk operations are multiple instances of similar activities at the same time.

Using this feature, you can save time and effort by updating or performing multiple operations on a bulk of cards.

Example – You want to set the priority as High for 8 cards. Rather than setting priority individually, you can set it for 8 cards by performing a bulk operation on them.

Multiple operations that can be performed are grouped into three sets:-

  • Card Attributes
  • Card Flags
  • Card Operations

Card Attributes

You can bulk update the card attributes (card fields). Some of them are:

  • Card Tags
  • Class of Service
  • Current Owner
  • Due Date
  • Priority
  • Rank
  • Release
  • Size
  • Also the Custom Common Fields

Card Flags 

You can set flags for multiple cards. The flags are:

  • Block Card
  • Issue Flag
  • Manual Flag
  • Risk Flag

To know more about flags click here.

Card Operations

You can perform multiple card operations like:

  • Add Comment
  • Archive Cards
  • Clone Card
  • Convert Card
  • Delete Cards
  • Move Cards
  • Transfer Cards

Performing Bulk Operation

To perform bulk operations, follow the steps:

1. Right-click on the Kanban Board and select Batch Update from the menu list.

2. Click the cards, and select them for Bulk operation.

Note: Alternatively, you can perform the above step by, pressing the Ctrl key and selecting cards. Once selected right-click on the board and select Batch Update.

Batch Update

3. In the footer menu, select the bulk operation you want to perform from the drop-down and provide value for the same.

4. Click Save.

The update will be applied to all the selected cards.

  • You cannot apply the bulk operation on any blocked card.
  • You can move cards from your Backlog Board to any column on your Kanban Board.


  • Move Cards via Batch update not only to default lanes but also to custom lanes within your Backlog Board. 


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