At SwiftKanban, we strongly believe in Kaizen, making continuous improvements in the way we work and the products we build. Over the last several weeks, we made numerous improvements to SwiftKanban based on your invaluable feedback. You may have already noticed some of these changes – and we hope you liked them!

The 1.1.5 release brings you following improvements in SwiftKanban:

Smart Lanes Get Smarter!

  • Re-sequence the Smart Lanes in the order you want to view on the Kanban Board

You can move the Smart Lanes up or down, to arrange alphabetically, or any ad-hoc sequence that you would prefer. This will help you to easily scroll and locate a lane.

  • Make changes to your process more easily than before

Switch to custom Smart Lanes from attribute-based Smart Lanes while you have ‘live’ cards on the board. The flexibility allows you a free-hand to change the process and enabling free card movement across lanes.

  • Save the Board Layout changes in one go
    • Save all the board design changes using a single ‘Save’ icon on the toolbar. You will see a prompt to ‘Save’ in case you forget, ensuring that no changes are lost by mistake.

Notifications get Friendlier

  • Notification emails now provide a link to directly navigate to the card

The item Id in the individual mail and the Digest mail now are links. When you click the link, it directly opens up the Detail view of the item in a new window, if you are logged on to SwiftKanban. In the Notifications widget also, just click the notification and you can view the item details.

  • Get less mail by default!

The default notification setting for a new user in the system is now set to the ‘Daily Digest’ mode, so you get only a daily summary of all changes. Of course, you can change it any time you want.

Cards pack a greater punch!

  • Pick color from a bigger color palette (up to 12) for various card types

You can now define even more card-types and easily identify them visually with more color options than before!

  • Maintain a To-Do list for all Card Types

The To-Do list capability is provided for all card types. So you may or may not use the To-Do feature for a card type.

  • ‘Unassigned’ value in the Card Owner list

You can select ‘Unassigned’ as a value for Card Owner, in case you do not want to assign the card to any specific team member yet, e.g. for all cards sitting in the backlog.


Greater Insight with Metrics

  • New Distribution view for Lead/Cycle time Charts
    • The Histogram view for Lead/Cycle time charts is replaced with a new Lead Time distribution chart that helps you understand the typical time being taken by majority of the cards and spot the outliers better.
  • All the chart filters now have an ‘Apply’ button, so you can select a combination of filter options before applying it to the chart.

Miscellaneous Yet Important

  • As an administrator, now get access to all projects created in the application for easier maintenance of user accounts.
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