This realease introduces several enhancements and new features. 
Here are the highlights of SwiftKanban version 4.4.1:

Receiving Notifications The Way You Want

It is business critical to gain a new level of visibility of the events via notifications across boards and cards of your interest. But, it gets overwhelming to see all of them in your inbox when you only need to see a specific subset.
The new, vibrant Notification Settings panel offers you an extended set of options for receiving notifications of your choice. You can refine your choices not only at board, smart lane, or lane level, but also further personalize the notifications based on the cards that have either been added by you, or even assigned or tagged to you.

Alternatively, you can subscribe notification for a particular card by searching it based on its attributes.
Moreover, you can set the frequency of receiving the notification email, such as email on individual subscribed event(s), or just a single email that has all the notifications aggregated as a daily digest. You can also set an alternate email Id for receiving notification(s), or simply disable all email notification(s), and just keep them visible under the Notification widget.

To know more about the Notification Settings panel, see our Help page.

Saving Board Filter Preferences

We have further enhanced the usability of the Board filter by introducing the custom board filter. Using this advanced filter option, you can save your filter preferences with a unique name, and apply it every time you want to use the same search preferences.
Moreover, you can edit, rename, make a copy of an existing filter, or even delete it.
Note that you can still follow the earlier process of applying filter without saving it with a unique name.   

Sharing Releases/Sprints Across Multiple Boards

You can now share the sprint and release numbers across multiple boards using the share  icon. Using this feature you can not only save your time and effort of manually creating same release number in various related boards like Product Management, Development, Documentation, but also have a complete understanding of the scope of the release via cards spread across shared boards.

Once the release has been shared, it appears on theRelease drop-down attribute of any card across those shared boards.


Sharing Cards with Non Team Members

Now you can allow non team members to work on assigned cards and access rest of the board with read-only rights. It is ideally suitable for a user who is not a part of your team, but needs to work on your project, and requires access to particular card(s) on the board.
So, using the Shared Resource feature, you can let that user update that assigned card only, and have Reader access to rest of the cards on the board.
Moreover, using the Admin credentials, you can mark users as shared resource, and alter board policies to allow boards to use shared resource(s).

While assigning owners to a card, you can filter from the list of users for shared resources by using the #shared text.
To know more about the Shared Resource, see our Help page.

Displaying Quick Count Of Card Activities

Want to have a quick count of the total number of Comments, To-Do’s, and Attachments in a card! Need to know the number of completed To-Do’s without clicking the To-Do tab! 
Now, all that is possible as the Comments and Attachments tab will show their total counts in the edit card pop up, whereas the To-Do tab will show both the completed and total count.

    We hope you like these improvements!

As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Please keep them coming on the SwiftKanban Feedback portal and let others vote on them as well!
If you see an error or an issue, drop us a quick note on [email protected] 
Thank you!
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