We are back again with a few, but significant updates to SwiftKanban. Here’s a quick glimpse of what has been added and changed in this version, v2.2 :-

SwiftSync For JIRA 5.1

SwiftSync, SwiftKanban Plug-in for JIRA has now been upgraded to support the newer JIRA versions i.e. JIRA 5.1 that had some significant changes in JIRA APIs. SwiftKanban customers who were planning to upgrade their JIRA versions would now be able to use the integration with SwiftKanban even on new JIRA versions.

Track WIP(Work-In-Progress) Limit Violations

You can now track comments every time the WIP limits for lane in your Kanban board are exceeded. This should help in identifying the reasons and help in changing the WIP limits, if required, to improve the overall flow of your work. The WIP limit comment trackingis option and can be enabled under ‘Other Policies’ tab under ‘Modify Process’ link of your Kanban board. The comments/ reasons entered on WIP violation are shown under the ‘Comments’ section of the Card, as well as, under the board ‘Activity Log’.

Select-All’ Option For Card Types

If you have been managing your work with a lot of Card Types, you might have faced difficulty while selecting/ un-selecting from a large list of Card Types. We have now added a Checkbox on top, that’ll let you select/Un-select all card types for your SwiftKanban board.

Improved Support Link

We have now made it even easier to reach us by clicking on the ‘Feedback/ Support’ link on top, that’ll let you raise an issue/ bug or provide us your valuable suggestions very quickly.

Share and Spread The Word

If you have been using SwiftKanban for sometime now, like the features and would like to recommend it to any friend/ colleague, you can use the new ‘Share’ link that’s now available as a link on top. Help us spread the word to the community.

Do send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected]. You may even post them on the SwiftKanban Community page.

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