Features Introduced in Release 1.1

We are very happy to announce the availability of the latest version of SwiftKanban, ver 1.1 that is packed with an exciting set of features. Based on the inputs from SwiftKanban users, we have significantly enhanced our Kanban board modeling capabilities and added a lot of innovating features.

SwiftKanban ver1.1 includes following enhancements :-

Introducing Smart Lanes

We have introduced a unique concept of ‘Smart Lanes’, that can be associated with various card attributes like Class Of Service, Priority or even Team Members, etc. As the cards move from one Smart Lane to another, indicating a change in attribute value, the values are also reset accordingly and vice-versa! Smart Lanes add tremendous flexibility and visualization to the Kanban board. You can define WIP limits for each Smart lane and any WIP violation is highlighted visually.

Improved Board Designer

Based on the feedback from early users, we have significantly improved our board designer that provides an  easier-to-use and more intuitive interface to define your value streams in terms of Horizontal/ Vertical lanes, repositioning lanes and setting WIP limits.

Understand Variation with Control Charts

Monitor your process and understand variation using Control Charts for various metrics like Lead Time, Cycle Time, Work Time, etc. We have also added a Histogram which can help in determining the SLA’s based on the typical lead/work time for cards.

Full Screen View

You can now view your Kanban board in a maximized view to enable better visualization and track all the cards in a single view.

One-click Access to the Kanban Board

A new ‘My Projects’ widget has been introduced under ‘Quick Links’ which provides one-click access to your backlog, Kanban Board and Metrics, thereby improving the navigation and usability.

Use Avatars or Profile Pictures on the Card

You can now have your picture or an Avatar on the card, to easily identify who is working on which card and add a little fun to the work!!

Track Progress with Status Reports

Get a quick status of cards which are being worked upon by various team members and identify any bottlenecks. Invaluable for teams transitioning from traditional to Kanban methods of managing projects and need some operational reports!

Improved Card Export Option

A new CSV export has been added to allow quick export of data and enable further data analysis. You can now export a filtered subset of the cards rather than having to export all cards.

Selective Card Expand/Collapse Option

A new option has been added on the cards, which allows minimizing individual cards, thereby allowing more cards to be seen on the board, without any browser scroll.

Pull in Archived Cards to the Board

Pull an archived card to the board if you need to work on it again, eliminating duplication of card and enabling to track the cumulative effort on the card.

Track and Preview Card Type Configuration

As you make changes to the card type, you can now preview the card type details before you finalize the layout. The Activity Log maintains log for every change, which will enable you to track the changes to the card type configuration.

The other usability enhancements are as follows:

  • Create New button is now available in the View/Edit mode in the Detail view of a card.
  • Notifications in the Digest mode is now more organized and easy to decipher.
  • With introduction of Smart Lanes, you have the option to expand or collapse lanes, both on the Kanban board and the Board Editor so that you do not have to keep scrolling up and down the board.
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