Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali! Let’s celebrate the festival in the true sense by spreading joy and light up the world of others. To make this celebration much more joyous, we have brought a new REST API and some important enhancements in the Card Transfer feature in this release. Let’s get to know more about them.

Enhancing the Card Transfer Feature

Earlier, on transferring a card from one Board to another, it used to get auto-assigned to the user who is transferring the card even if the card owner is different. From now on, the card will be moved to another Board with its original card owner(s) provided the owner is present on the target Board. In case, the card owner is not present on the target Board, then the card will be assigned to the user who is transferring the card.
Moreover, all the original comments on the card will also be restored and displayed when it gets transferred to another Board.

Fetching List of Comments from Multiple Cards via the New REST API

Now, with the newly introduced getCommentList REST API, you can fetch comments from the multiple cards. You can also apply various filters to get the comments on a specific date or by a specific user. Learn more about it from this page.



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