With its first release in the new year, SwiftKanban will lead you to face business challenges and meet your committments with a new vigor. In its release ver. 2.4, SwiftKanban can help you plan ahead and get decisive based on real-time updates and being in sync with your team mates.

Here are the highlights of SwiftKanban release version 2.4:

Your Distributed Team just got closer!

Get instant notification of updates on the Kanban Board for any changes the members make to the cards on the board– a very important feature for a distributed team to be in sync.

Get organized more easily!

While you manage/update your To-Dos, track the status summary in the same view, along with the ‘% Complete’ value.

Linked Card view gets better!

Traverse through card links in the Linked Card view, which earlier showed only immediate links.

Card Type Creation From Kanban Board

As an Account admin, now create a Card Type from any Kanban board, and go to the Admin view only if you need to change the configuration.

User Deletion across boards on single click!

Deleting the user from the ‘People’ view removes the user from all boards and sets current assignments as ‘Unassigned’. So no more navigating to every board to delete the user.

Card Deletion extended to the Backlog/ All Card Views

Managing the cards is now easier from the ‘Backlog’ and ‘All Card’ views, with the Delete button additionally available.

In-App’ Help Tours for new users

The In-App Tour, a new paradigm is here to assist new users in understanding the key features as they hover over the icons and modules. Having started with two main screens, we’ll be adding help onto more screens. We greatly appreciate your feedback on this!

Miscellaneous- sometimes, small is big!

  1. Blocked Card Indicator is now permanently visible on the card keeping it highlighted.
  2. Modify Process icon is now moved right towards the end of the Board toolbar so you don’t click it accidently.
  3. Any attribute changes made to the Card Types are now recorded and available in ‘Activity Log’ under Admin >> Card Types.

Hope you will find these features exciting as we did. Do send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected]. You may even post them on the SwiftKanban Community page. We assure you that we will keep releasing some great features throughout this year. So stay tuned!


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