Firstly, we wish all our users a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

This month, we have a good reason to celebrate. It’s the New Year and with the New Year celebrations still continuing, as promised, we have come with a release which has several new features and improvements as listed below:-

Move your JIRA Issues on a SwiftKanban Board

The new SwiftSync for Atlassian JIRA™ provides out-of-the-box integration between SwiftKanban and Atlassian JIRA to bring all of the Issue management and Helpdesk operations to the Kanban board!  

  • Using the simple, intuitive and wizard-driven interface of SwiftSync, a SwiftKanban user can quickly map data between a SwiftKanban project and one or multiple JIRA projects.
  • Once it is set up, the JIRA issues start to show up on SwiftKanban backlog and team members can “pull” cards into their work lane on the SwiftKanban board.  
  • As the card makes its way across the board, SwiftSync automatically ensures data updates on both sides, including any comments entered. Any changes made on either end, including custom attribute data, show up automatically, on both sides!  

SwiftSyncBeta for Atlassian JIRA™ is currently in the beta stage and if you use JIRA for managing issues and want to execute those on SwiftKanban, we would love to make it available to you and get your feedback. Ask our support team to enable this in your account, today! Read More..


JIRA Integrated Sync


Execute work more easily with Pre-defined Tasks

  • You can now pre-defined a list of to-dos/ tasks for each Card Type, that are applicable across various stages of your value stream as defined on the SwiftKanban board.
  • When a card is pulled on the board, all the pre-defined to-dos associated with the card (applicable to that lane) get activated and team members can report progress on it. This would save time in defining to-do lists individually, especially if you have a standardized task list for a particular work-type.
  • A new ‘In-Progress’ status has also been introduced for representing task status and the progress is shown using new visual color indicators.


Improved Edit Card View

  • Now you can edit any card on board by simply clicking the Card Title, while earlier you had to double-click a card.
  • The card-edit view now also includes the Comments, Attachments and To-Dos sections, bringing all the card related information together in a single view on the board. This helps to retain the context of a work item when looking at the comment/to-dos that was earlier available as a standalone view only.
  • Existing icons for Comments/To-dos are still retained for sometime, until users get familiar with the new way of looking at the comment.

 Read More…


Define User Story Hierarchy Beta

  • SwiftKanban now allows defining of a parent-child relationship between User Stories. This is useful in situations where a larger (or parent) user story needs to be broken down into several smaller (or child) user stories for better planning and execution.
  • This entire user story hierarchy approach in SwiftKanban is through a highly visual interface that enables creation of child stories as well as linking existing stories to parent user stories.
  • Child stories can go on the Kanban board for execution and current status/progress of the stories is shown using visual indicators in a visual map view.

The User Story Hierarchy feature is currently in the private beta stage and if you want to use this feature, we can make it available to you and will be glad to get your feedback in developing it further. Do drop an email to our support team to enable this in your account. 

Set up your Project Team even faster!

  • Inviting a team member to your project has been made easier by providing a list of users from which you can filter and search.
  • The list refreshes as you type part of the text so that you can view specific users.
  • Also, when inviting, you can select the project role you want to assign to the team member.


Invite Member List


Miscellaneous enhancements

Besides the above, there are several important minor enhancements that are listed below:

    1. The picture profile on the card does more! Clicking on the picture profile enables you to reassign cards to other members or unassign the owner. You can search and select one or more team members as card owners.

  1. A shadow effect is added on hovering on a card to highlight the card under discussion when presenting on a larger screen.

 Shadow Effect

  1. The current owner of an archived card now changes to ‘Unassigned’ automatically.

Unassigned Owner Archived Card

We heartily thank all those who directly or indirectly provided their valuable feedback. We will ensure that we will bring in more cool features to give our users an enriching experience with SwiftKanban. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with your ideas/ suggestions or any issue that you might be facing while using the application.

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