In this article, we will help you understand how to track the work of a deleted team member.

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On deleting the team member with no active cards on the Board, the user gets deleted. But if the user has some active cards on the Board you can reassign them to any other user. Also, for your ease, you can keep the same user name to easily track their cards on the Board. In such cases, the user is marked as an Inactive user and is represented with a Tilde (~)sign.


The following areas will be impacted:

  • When you hover over the card assigned to the deleted team member, you can view the Tilde sign in front of the name of the deleted Card Owner in the Kanban Board, To-Do Board, Backlog Board, and Dependency Board. For Example, ~Adam Lowe.

  • On clicking the card sticky, the Select Owner box appears, there also the deleted user name will also appear with the Tilde sign if any card is already assigned. Also, in the card popup view, you can hover over the Card Owner it will appear with a Tilde sign to indicate that the team member has been deleted. Note: You cannot assign a new card to the deleted team member.

  • In All Cards Listing, the cards with Status Active or Closed will also have the name of the Current owner appearing with a Tilde sign.

  • In the iform view of a card, the Current Owner will appear with a Tilde sign for the deleted user.

  • When viewing reports, you can find the Owner name for a deleted team member mentioned with a Tilde sign. Also, in the Filter option, you can find the deleted Team Members with a Tilde sign.

  • When applying Board Filter on Team Member the also deleted team member will be represented with a Tilde sign for proper differentiation.

  • On the Analytics screen, in Card Data Analyzer and Flag Data Analyzer, on selecting Current Owner for filtering, the name of the Current Owner will appear with the Tilde sign if the user is deleted.

  • You cannot assign ToDos to a deleted team member but the previously assigned ToDo will appear with a Tilde sign in front of the ToDo owner.


  1. A user that is inactive at the Org level will be denoted with a Tilde sign.
  2. If Allow Shared Resources on Board is selected then the Tilde sign will not appear.
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