View Planned Start & Finish Date Attributes in Hierarchy Status Report

In the Hierarchy Status Report, you can easily view the Planned Start Date and Planned Finish Date attributes upfront along with the details of the parent-child linked cards. By showing these attributes, along with detailed parent-child card relationships, you’ll be better equipped to track progress, identify potential delays, and ensure that your projects stay on schedule. Also, when exporting the Hierarchy Status Report, the Planned Start Date and Planned Finish Date are now included.

Hierarchy status report

Enhanced Export Card Functionality

In our latest update, we’ve improved the export functionality for your convenience. Now, when you select the Card With Hierarchy radio button during export, the attributes Planned Start Date and Planned Finish Date are included in the export from the card details. This enhancement allows for more comprehensive data analysis.

Export Card Listings

Ease of Card Movement from Card Pop-up

You can now move cards to your desired lane and column directly while modifying card details in the card pop-up. This update provides you with greater flexibility and convenience, allowing you to streamline your workflow effortlessly on both the Kanban and Backlog Boards.

Move To from Card Pop-up

Deprecation of “Cards By Release” and “Cards By Current Owner” Widgets

To streamline and enhance your user experience, we are deprecating the Cards By Release and Cards By Current Owner widgets selection from the available list of options on the SwiftKanban Dashboard. This change will take effect immediately. We understand the importance of these metrics for your workflow. Although these widgets will no longer be available on the dashboard, you can still access the same data through the Card Data Analyzer (CDA).

Important Announcement

We have extended the deprecation date of the current REST API getCardList within the Card Service. The new effective date is 15th June 2024. Starting from this date getCardListwill be limited to fetching details solely of your active cards on the Board. To access details of closed cards, it’s essential to transition to the newly introduced REST API getClosedCardList within the Card Service. This API efficiently retrieves details of all cards in archived, discarded, or aborted status, streamlining your search by narrowing it down to closed cards, without cluttering results with active ones.

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