Introducing the Card Position Field in the Card Listing View

We have enhanced the Card Listing View by adding a new field Card Position. It helps you understand the sequence of your cards on the Board. It’s helpful when exporting cards from the Board as it becomes easier to view the specific position of each card. This makes it easier to manage your cards and keep everything in the right order. Learn more about the viewing card position here.

Important Announcement

Effective from the end of May 2024, the current REST API getCardList within the Card Service will be limited to fetching details solely of your active cards on the Board. To access details of closed cards, it’s essential to transition to the newly introduced REST API getClosedCardList within the Card Service. This API efficiently retrieves details of all cards in archived, discarded, or aborted status, streamlining your search by narrowing it down to closed cards, without cluttering results with active ones.

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