Multi-Board Support for Story Mapping Board

The Story Mapping Board helps you build a visual map of effective product usage journey across various personas. The work for planning and delivering such products can be spread across multiple Boards and teams and require complete visibility for seamless execution.

To facilitate such visibility of all the works spread across Boards and cards, we have enhanced the Story Mapping Board to support cards belonging to different Boards. Now, in a few steps, you can set up Boards from which different card types, releases, and sprints will be enabled for your Story Map. Get to know more about the Multi-Board feature from this page.

Deprecating Chatbot from Our Knowledge Base

From this release onwards, we will be deprecating the Chatbot from the Knowledge Base site. Not to worry, the Chatbot from the web application will be fully functional and you can use it anytime to enquire about features and functionalities.

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