Work Smarter and Faster with Business Rules (Beta)

We are thrilled to release our all-new Business Rules (Beta) for SwiftKanban! Business Rules enable teams to define the basic rules that automatically keep your Boards updated, giving you more time to do your real work! Business Rules are designed to automate repetitive card updates as per your business needs. They are built on a flexible architecture that caters to a variety of use cases. A simple wizard-based interface ensures that they can be easily set up by each team on their own – no admin support needed!
Note: The Business Rule capability is currently in the Beta stage. To use this feature in SwiftKanban, one must have a supporting license. Please contact us at [email protected] to know how to avail it.

Build Rules for Your Business

The Business Rules are made up of four parts: Event Triggers that kick off the rule, Data Conditions that refine the rule, Actions that perform tasks in your application, and Frequency that schedules the execution of your rule. Simply combine these components to create rules that can do anything from creating cards to updating cards on a Board. These help you define when the Business Rule should run and what updates should be made on the card. The Rule Builder’s visual map guides you step-by-step to build each rule as per your need.

Schedule Your Business Rules as per Your Convenience

Business Rules run automatically every time a trigger event occurs and the condition is full-filled. You can also define a schedule for Business Rules to run on a predefined time interval!  While configuring a rule define the frequency – Daily, weekly, monthly, or Yearly at a set date range, at which the rule should execute automatically. Unlike the other available triggers where the Business Rule is only executed when the condition is met, we also have a “Create a recurring card” trigger, which is used if you want to execute a rule frequently on a fixed date or day of a week/month/year without meeting any condition.

So start exploring the Business Rules and let us know your feedback.

Perform Curated Search on Linked Cards Listing Page

Now, you can sort the cards on the Linked Cards listing page in ascending or descending order. Cards on the same level defined in the hierarchy get sorted. You can even apply filters to curate and list down only the relevant card in the list that you want to view and work upon. On applying filters, it shows the respective cards along with its parent cards in the hierarchy.

Agile Program Management is Renamed to Roadmapping

Based on a significant amount of user feedback on the manner in which our new Agile Program Management feature is being perceived and used, we have decided to rename it simply as “Roadmapping”. The new name best reflects the manner in which our customers believe they will be able to leverage the benefits of Kanban in Agile roadmap planning and management. The functionality remains unchanged. Read more about the Roadmapping here.

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