In this release of SwiftKanban ver. 1.4.6 we have focused on board usability and introduced a new operational report for our users who track effort logged. So do go through the features listed below and let us know your feedback after you have tried them out.

New Board Policies Introduced: We have now introduced two new policy settings for the board that allow you to :-

  1. Set a  ‘Default Card Type’ that your team frequently works with, so that this is selected in the ‘Add Card’ view and save you the pain to select it everytime you add a new card.
  2. You can now enable a policy that allows you to attach ‘Blocking Reason Codes’  when you block a card. This will help in classifying the reasons cards get blocked in your team. You can define a list of codes under Master List setting options. We’ll be adding a report/metric in the coming release that’ll let you view the frequent reasons cards get blocked on your board. Read more on board policies..


Persistent Expand/Collapse Mode of Smart lanes and Cards: Expand/Collapse state of the Smart Lanes and cards that you have you set are now persisted across sessions for each user. So if you collapse/expand a lane or card states that you frequently work with, it will remain ‘As-Is’ even on your next login. Read more on Expand/collapse cards and lanes..

Timesheet Report Introduced: A new report i.e. Timesheet Report, has been added under ‘Reports’ that allows you to track actual effort logged by team members or the remaining effort required to complete the in-progress tasks. The report also provides various filter options that’ll help you to track effort for specific card types, team members/team, and period. This report is available if you have enabled the Time-Tracking plug-in.

Changes in ‘Reader’ Role Behavior: Users with ‘Reader’ as primary role can be invited to projects with ‘Reader’ role only while users with ‘Manager’ or ‘Member’ as primary role can be assigned a ‘Reader’ role in projects. Read more on roles..

Comments and Tasks View in Collapsed Mode: You can view comments and tasks using the newly added menu in ‘Options’, even while the cards are collapsed. 

We are sure that the above usability enhancements will enrich your user experience. We heartily thank all our users who have motivated us and provided their valuable feedback to bring out the features.

Do send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected]. You may even post them on the SwiftKanban Community page.

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