After we released our 3.0 version with a complete UI uplift, we were eager to add-on to it for a richer user experience.

Here is a quick overview of minor usability enhancements the v3.1 release:

Push Cards to Board From Release/ Iteration View

You can now push cards to the Kanban board from the Release/ Iteration views using the new ‘Add To Board’ icon.

Slide your view to the Cards

The Card Size icons have been replaced with a Slider control and an additional level of Zoom has been added that could turn you board in to a “Heatmap” view and provide more insights on where the bottlenecks could be lying.

Visual Notifications

We have made notification widget a bit a more visual akin to our cards. Now you can quickly make out what changed on the board.


Easy Notification Setting

You can now modify your notification preferences right from the notification widget.

Inbox UI Enhancements

The Inbox view also has been improved and shows the actual cards assigned to you.


Reordering LOVs for a Field

You can now define an order for List of Values in a Master List such that the fields display attribute values in that order.


Move to Backlog Option Merged With Move

Since one doesn’t move cards from Board to Backlog very often, we have moved that option along with other lanes under the ‘Move’ option.

Save Prompt to avoid Loss of Data

We have now added a confirmation message prompting to save the changes, when the card is being closed, so that one would not loose any data by mistake

Prominent Card Type Selection

The card type that is selected when adding a card, is now shown more clearly with a check sign, indicating the current card selection.

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