Enhanced Access to the Team Feature

We’ve made it easier for more users to manage the Team feature in SwiftKanban! Previously, only a user with an admin role could view and manage the Team feature. Now, admins can grant access to users having Manager and Member roles by enabling the Team license on the People listing page. Thus, empowering more users to organize and manage teams, fostering greater collaboration effectively. Learn more about enabling the Team license here.

Team License

Important Announcement

From this release onwards, getCardList will be limited to fetching details solely of your active cards on the Board. To access details of closed cards, it’s essential to transition to the newly introduced REST API getClosedCardList within the Card Service. This API efficiently retrieves details of all cards in archived, discarded, or aborted status, streamlining your search by narrowing it down to closed cards, without cluttering results with active ones.

Enhancement in getClosedCardList REST API

Previously, fetching details of recently closed cards using the REST API getClosedCardList with the Sort by descending modifiedDate option could include closed cards modified recently but closed earlier. To address this, we introduced the Sort by doneDate option. This enhancement ensures that only cards closed recently are fetched, based on their done date. Note that this applies to archived and aborted cards; discarded cards do not have a done date and will not appear at the top of the list when using this sort by descending option, even if they were closed recently. This means that while recently archived and aborted cards will be prioritized in the results, recently discarded cards will appear further down the list.

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