Move Cards to Customized Lanes on Backlog Board

We have enhanced the Move To option to let you seamlessly move cards to the custom lanes of the Backlog Board. For that, you need to enable the Organize Backlog based on custom categories option in Backlog Settings and have custom lanes added on the Backlog Board.

move to

Filter Cards on Board by Planned Start Date & Planned End Date

Just like the Due Date attribute that can be used to filter cards on your Kanban Board, we have now introduced the Planned Start Date and Planned End Date attributes. This improvement enables you to filter your cards based on five different date-based options, enabling you to concentrate on specific time periods, visualize the timeline, and effectively meet your deadlines.

Highlight Cards Tagged to Sprint on Your Kanban Board

Earlier using the Legend feature located in the Preference section of your Kanban Board, you could highlight the cards on the Board based on different card attributes. To enhance this usability, we have added one more attribute, Sprint, which allows you to highlight cards that are associated with a specific selected sprint. This visual representation aids in monitoring the progress of your sprint, prioritizing tasks, and effectively managing your work.


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