We are back with another release packed with new features and enhancements to help you succeed on your Lean Kanban journey. We have introduced the Auto-movement and Restrict Movement of cards that offer you more power and agility in managing your parent card. The Forecast Date feature is enhanced with the advanced option that can predict the completion of a card based on combinations of card attributes. Moreover, we have introduced REST API’s for a smoother integration of SwiftKanban with any other application. Let’s get to know more about this release.


Introducing Advanced Method in the Forecast Date Feature

The capability to see the most likely date of completion for a card gets bigger and better as we have introduced the Advanced calculation method in the Forecast Date feature. With this Advanced method, you can define the prediction based on the various combinations of default and custom card attributes like Card Type, Class of Service, Severity and others. Once you select the combination using the pivot chart and set the confidence percentage by viewing the cycle time histogram, you are all set to subscribe the forecast feature for any swimlane or any value stream stage within a swim lane where you want to track the completion date of a newly added card. Read more about it here.


Moving Parent Card Automatically

Moving a parent card to its desired next column when its child cards are archived or moved to the Done column has always been difficult when done manually. You had to ensure all its child cards are Done before you manually move your parent card to the next stage.  To avoid such effort, we have introduced the auto movement of parent card which lets the parent card traverse from one column to another automatically as its child cards are archived or moved to the Done column. Read more about it here.


Restricting Movement of Cards

Many a time, when you move your parent card from one column to another, you may end up pulling it to an incorrect column before all of its child cards get archived or moved to the Done column. To avoid such mistake, we have introduced the restrict movement of parent card that enforces the restriction on card movement unless its associated child cards are not archived or moved to the Done column. Read more about it here.


Introducing REST APIs

Now, integrating with SwiftKanban becomes smoother and easier with the introduction of REST APIs in this release. Along with SOAP web services, we have also offered you a range of REST APIs which you can use to integrate SwiftKanban with any other application.  Get to know more about it from this page.


Introducing Collapse Empty Column feature

We have introduced the Collapse Empty Columns feature to collapse all the empty columns on a lane. This will not only help users to access the Kanban board easily by hiding all the empty columns and lanes but also make the board look more organized and summarised. Also, when you apply a filter, then only the columns having filtered values will remain open and the rest of the columns will be collapsed.


Usability Enhancements

  • Now, other than the card count, you can also set the WIP limit of a lane or column based on other estimation units like story points also.
  • You can set the colorful sticker for the master list values from the palette and make it more visible and prominent on the card view.


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