We’re back with some minor yet significant improvements. These usability improvements will help you get the best of SwiftKanban.

Here is a quick update about the improvements in SwiftKanban v3.3:

Dashboard Improvements


  • Most Dashboard widgets display data consolidated for all projects, while a few show project-wise data.
  • Dashboards charts now have a completely new and rich look.

Backlog Usability Improvements

For Backlog organized on Custom Categories, right-click anywhere on the lane to add and associate the new card to that lane.

Card Menu is now available for Cards on Backlog Board enabling collaboration and card-related actions.

Notification Improvements

Now when you click an item in the notification or Inbox, it opens up the card in a popup and provides a quick access to the card information.

The notification behavior is slightly changed to not send notifications on self-updates i.e. if you move/ archive the cards, no email will be sent to you. The notification will be sent only if card has multiple owners including you, and one of them moves/ archives the card or if new comments are added on the card that you have been working on.
Do post what more events you would want to be notified about.


You’ll notice a handful of other look and feel improvements, too! We just hope it’s easier to get around and feels nicer than ever

  • Auto-hide toolbar docks after 5 seconds of board loading, eliminating the need to manually dock it in.
  • Card Focus on hovering over card in Search Results is much smoother.
  • New distinctive Icons are available for – Save, Import, Export, Print, Backlog Settings and Tasks.

We are sure you will like the improvements. We have exciting features lined up, so stay tuned!
Meanwhile, send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected] or you can post them on the SwiftKanban Feedback page.

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