We are back with another release of SwiftKanban. This release brings in the focus on the Filter operation in Board and enhances the way you use it for refining the information. Moreover, we have made a couple of enhancements in the Custom Field so you get more ease and freedom in capturing your customized information.

Filter Swim Lanes on the Kanban Board

More power to Board Filter! Now, you can even filter the Swim lanes using the Lane filter attribute and view exactly those ones which you want to on the Board.

Enhancements in the Field Type

We have made a couple of enhancements in the Field Type for the custom fields:

  • Introduced another field type, Regular Text, which can be used to enter text, numbers, symbols, or spaces.
  • Increased the permissible number of instances of these field types (Integer, Boolean, and Date) in a single card type.

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