We are happy to release this new version of Swift Kanban (v3.5.3). Its key theme is ‘Better and Easier Analytics’ to provide you greater insight into your processes and help you make improvements.

Here is a quick rundown on the new features:

Throughput Drill-down

The drill-down capability introduced on the Throughput chart now helps you analyze the completed cards that contributed to the Throughput figure.
Click on the bar to see the list of completed cards. Click on any specific card in the list to see the card details.

New Analytics view – Easier and more Insightful!

Click on the New Analytics view to see the new features! Revert to the current view if you like.

Better organized for Easier Viewing

The analytics are better organized into related tabs for better user experience.

Unified Lead/ Cycle Time Analysis

Overall Average view displays the Cycle Time (with Revised Logic), Wait Time, Work Time, and Blocked Time in a single view. Include the Backlog lane, and you can see the Lead Time. No more flipping from tab to tab to see each category.

Lane-wise Average chart shows a comparative lane-wise trend of Cycle Time. Dramatic view of how the average cycle time for each lane varies across different time periods for an immediate snapshot of which lanes are improving or degrading – and might need your attention for process changes or resource assignments!

Other Improvements in Analytics

  • Persistent Filter Values – no need to set filter for each chart separately (yes, we realize it was long overdue!)
  • Selection of Start Lane and End Lane for all charts where it makes sense (if you think we missed any, do let us know)
  • Better organization of filter attributes makes it easier to read
  • Filter attributes provided in the actual chart view so you know what filters are applied to the chart you are looking at!


Card Distribution Metrics

The Card Distribution gives you a simple Dashboard of the % distribution of cards based on key attributes such as Priority, Class of Service, and so on.

Blocking Analysis

Blocking Analysis provides you some great Root Cause analysis and the impact of blocking on your organization! Use it to define corrective actions during your next retrospective!

  • The Time Lost histogram gives you a Pareto Analysis of Blocking Reasons and the time loss each Root Cause is contributing to.
  • The # of Cards Blocked chart gives you a visual on the relative distribution of cards across different Blocking reasons.
  • Mouse-over the charts to get more information and click to drill down to the card-level details!

Card Movement History Improvements

  • Card Movement history is now available for both Active as well as Closed (completed) cards.
  • You can now analyze the card movement log for a Closed card, for example, when drilling down from the Throughput chart.
  • The Card Movement history now appears as an additional tab along with other tabs in the Edit Card view, saving a few clicks.

Smart Lane column in List views

A new column, Smart Lane, introduced in all List views will now help you to identify the Swim Lane/ Smart Lane in which the card exists.
Consequently , you can now filter the list on Smart Lanes ,and on Export, associate it with the Swim Lane/ Smart Lane on the board, and use it for further reporting in Excel.

As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Thank you for helping us continually improve SwiftKanban!

Please keep them coming on the SwiftKanban Feedback portal and let others vote on them as well!

If you see an error or an issue, drop us a quick note on [email protected]

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