We are back with another exciting release.  This time we have enhanced the Portfolio Kanban feature and added another functionality of tracking your Portfolio card based on the To-Do’s of its immediate child cards. Let’s get to know more about the release.

Tracking Progress of Parent Card Based On To-Do’s of Child Cards

We have further enhanced the Portfolio lane feature in SwiftKanban and introduced tracking the progress % of the parent card based on the completion of the To-Do’s of its immediate child cards.

To know more about the Portfolio lane, read here.


Adding Created By Field as Filter Criteria 

Filtering information based on the Created By field on the card gets easy as we have added this field as one of the filter criteria in Board Filter, Card Data Analyzer, Flag Data Analyzer, and Status By Team Member, Status By Card, and Net Work Time report.


Hope you will enjoy the added functionality in the Portfolio Kanban and make good use of new filter criteria. Do get back to us with your feedback on [email protected].




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