In this new release of SwiftKanban, we bring forth a few minor but useful improvements to help you work better with SwiftKanban.

Here is a quick list of features added :-

Improved Text Search in List Views

You can now filter card lists to show cards satisfying multiple search criteria :-

  • To view list of cards with matching text, type multiple search strings (separated with commas) on the required filter box.
  • To exclude search results containing the search string, prefix first search string with ~ (tilde symbol)

View Applied filters in Reports & Analytics

To help you interpret the reports and charts better, a header ( in Reports) and a footer ( In Analytics) has now been added that displays the selected filter options.

New ‘Card Status’ Filter in Reports

The new ‘Card Status’ filter helps you to view details for all cards on the board, or for cards that are ‘In-Progress’ i.e. active, or ‘Blocked’ on the board.

Throughput by Smart Lanes!

A new option, ‘Smart Lane’ is now available for ‘Stacked By’ Filter, so that you can track throughput for every Smart Lane.

Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us! It helps us to adapt to changes in the market and keep our product relevant.

Please keep them coming at [email protected] or you can post them on the SwiftKanban Feedback page.

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