This release introduces several enhancements and new features.
Here are the highlights of SwiftKanban version 4.16:

Discard and Abort capturing in SwiftKanban

In this age of acceleration, where technology and the globalization of business are rapidly transforming entire industries, it is critical to make the right decision quickly and gain competitive advantage via continuous improvement and waste reduction.
The newly introduced Discard and Abort feature in SwiftKanban empower you to effectively manage your commitments by:
• Defining particular stages in the value stream, known as columns or sub-columns as Upstream commitment points. Rest of the stages, by default, become the Downstream commitment points.
• Letting you discard a Kanban Card having details of a requirement in any of the Upstream columns or subcolumns.
• Letting you abort a Kanban card having details of the committed requirement in any of the Downstream columns or subcolumns.
• Gaining deeper insight of the wastage of time, effort and system liquidity due to the Discard or Abort of cards via the Discard and Abort Analysis diagram.

So, be it a product management review, strategy discussion, ops review or replenishment meeting, the Discard and Abort analysis can always offer you a visualized, data-driven direction to the waste analysis and helps you better manage the end-to-end flow in product, service, technology and process innovation and development.
Get to know more about this feature on our Help page.

Card Default Attributes Made Configurable

The card default attributes like Priority, Size, Class of Service and others can be disabled.
Note: Some default attributes like Id, Title, Description & CurrentOwner can’t be configured

Estimates as UoM in Planning Release Capacity and Burndown Chart

Earlier, you could plan release capacity in Estimates(Story Points or Hours) but the burndown chart was plotted based on the remaining hours of To-Do’s.
Now you can select the UoM for the release through the drop-down(Estimates or ToDo). The capacity and burndown chart will be rendered as per the selection.

Control Over Create and Delete Operations

For creating and deleting boards:

If you have Admin or Manager role at the Organization level, then only you can create a new board and delete an existing one.
This feature will restrict team members to create or delete any of the boards.

For deleting cards:

Although Team Members can create or modify the cards, only the Manager role at board level can delete the card.

Mobile Release 1.2.2

The SwiftKanbanmobile application adds another feather in its cap. Now you can also archive cards from the mobile application.
You can always retrieve the archived card using the same mobile app.

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