Yes, SwiftKanban v3.0 is here! This latest version brings you numerous innovations that we are sure you’ll enjoy – right from a revamped UI, enhanced Usability, real-time Collaboration, and updated Analytics!

Here’s a quick overview of SwiftKanban v3.0 to get you started:-

Revamped Contemporary User Interface!

The new UI has a modern look and feel, a more pleasing combination of colors and more color theme choices for the user – with many more to follow!


Visual Indicators, Easier on the Eye!

Notifications such as WIP Limit Violations and Blocked card are easier on the eye, yet prominent! 


More Space for your Board!

The new Auto-hide toolbar on the left of the board eliminates space waste making more of the board visible. Touch the left-edge of the screen and the toolbar slides out. Mouse-over on the icons to see their names. If you click on any icon, it will be there until you click the little Hide Toolbar icon. All screen-specific menus of SwiftKanban are now shifted to the toolbar for a consistent user experience. 


Quick Access and Reduced Clicks!

The top Menu links, Widgets, and Search bar have been collapsed into a single row to make them more easily accessible. 


Project Menu Reorganized

We have moved and consolidated menus to give you more space for your Board and your work. The Project main menu remains where it is; however, it has been reorganized to help you access the most commonly used features at the top. 


Improved Readability of Cards!

The card type is now indicated by the lower border color for greater board visual and card readability. 


Enhanced Hierarchy feature for easier Portfolio/ Enterprise Kanban!

Set up and manage flexible multi-board hierarchies for a variety of portfolio, program and multi-team scenarios. The new Hierarchy icon now appears right on the cards that belong to a hierarchy or that are linked to other cards. 


Three Levels of board Zoom!

Three zoom levels to choose for viewing more cards or the required level of card details. The card-level expand/collapse icon is deprecated.


New ‘Aging’ View

See where the action is! The new ‘Aging’ icon on the board menu enables you to see which cards have and have not been updated recently. The ‘older’ the card updates, the more faded it will appear! 


Legend Optimized to highlight Cards on Board

Highlights cards for full focus to analyze how many cards of the selected card type are on the board


Visual Backlog Management on the Board 

Visually organize and manage cards on a Board UI and help team-members and stakeholders get a better understanding of the work to be done. Push cards from the Backlog to the Kanban Board with a simple click on the card. 


Enhanced Analytics

As we focus on providing greater insight to users, we felt it was more appropriate to rename this module “Analytics”. Stay tuned as we continue to improve the insights you can get into your projects!


  • Forecasting Capability of the CFD: Use the “Show Prediction” flag to forecast the required throughput to complete backlog items based on the current progress. Make more informed commitments!

  • Greater Precision with Lane Selection: Select the Start and/ or End Lanes to choose exactly the stages for which you want to measure Lead Time/ Cycle Time and other analytics! 


Real-Time Collaboration, Integrations and More…

In addition to the improvements above, we are introducing the most collaborative, most real-time, most integrated Kanban board yet – to enable you to stay in-sync with your team-mates at all times!

Real-time collaboration with board-level and card-level Chat (Beta). 

  • Board Chat: Chat with your team-mates within SwiftKanban! And if needed, capture the general discussion as “Notes”!


  • Card Chat: Chat with other Card Owners privately and even post as comments!

Auto-Board Refresh:SwiftKanban automatically refreshes the board and highlights card updates by your team-mates!

Instant Notifications:SwiftKanban keeps you updated on what other team members are doing on the Board at all times!

SwiftSync – The Most Enterprise-Ready Integration Technology!: Over 30 enterprise-class integrations with popular tools such as TFS, JIRA, Rally and many others. Use SwiftSync to visualize work across the organization! 

Once again, Thank You to each one of you for keeping us on our toes and supporting us to deliver a great Kanban product. We are eager for you to get your hands on it and give us feedback.

Please keep sending us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected] or, you can post them on the SwiftKanban Feedback page. 


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