Enhancements in External Work Request

  • Now, it has become easier to fill the External Work Request form. We have extended our capability so that default values can be set for any input text fields as per your business needs. For example, you can default the Name and Email Address at the time of External Work Request creation based on the available user details.
  • The email notification that you receive after submitting an External Work Requests form will now include all the data that was filled in the form for your future reference.

To know more about these enhancements, see this Help page.

Enhancements in Story Mapping

  • The Release and Sprints in the Story Mapping Board will be shown in chronological order.
  • You can change the order of the personas with the newly introduced drag-drop icon in the Story Mapping Configuration box.
  • You can now reorder the cards within a column by dragging and dropping them to the desired location.
  • Please note that Story Map is no more a BETA feature.

To know more about these enhancements, see this Help page.

Enhancements in SOAP/REST Web Service

  • Earlier using the getCardList REST API under CardService, you could fetch the card details of a card type with limited filter criteria settings. Now, we have enhanced this REST API that lets you apply multiple conditions using the new advanced filter option and fetch various details of cards as per your choice. Get to know more about it from this page.
  • Earlier getCardMetadata web service under MetadataService in SOAP and REST (Url: /metadata-operations/items/{itemType}/metaData), you could fetch field information and if the field is derived from the Master list then the master list information was also included in the output. Now, for scenarios where two fields are dependent on each other, we have enhanced the REST API to fetch the dependency information also in its output.

Usability Enhancements

  • Now, you can view the Card title while hovering over the To-Do card in both the To-Do Board and To-Do widget in the Home view.
  • Now, the Lead Time, Cycle Time, Work Time, Wait Time, and Blocked Time of a closed card can be viewed up to 4 decimal digits.
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