In SwiftKanban, the Date Created field is the system date i.e. the date when you added a card in SwiftKanban which will be considered as the date when the story or defect was identified. SwiftKanban also maintains a ‘Date Identified’ field which is a read-only field and will be the same as the Date Created when you create cards in the application. However, this date becomes significant and helpful when you import cards into SwiftKanban.

When you have cards in other systems which have already recorded the date when they were created/identified and you want to import these cards into SwiftKanban, it becomes important that you bring in this date to track correct metrics in SwiftKanban.

When you import cards through the MS Excel/CSV Export-Import feature, ensure that you add the date in the Date Identified field i.e. when the story or defect was identified.

Thus, the metrics will now consider the Date Identified i.e the actual date when the story or defect was identified out of the system rather than the date when the card was imported and created in the system.

MS Excel/CSV Export-Import

Update the ‘Date Identified’ column with the correct date in the MSExcel/CSV file before you import the file into SwiftKanban. See the Export and Import Cards help for more information on how to prepare the file with new cards for importing into SwiftKanban.

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