Inactivating a User

Many a time, you would want to deactivate a user from your app account as due to various reasons, the user might no longer be required to be active in the account. Earlier, you had no other choice but to delete them to accommodate more users to your account. But now, you can just inactivate them and free up the count of licensed users. Moreover, any time you want to re-activate that same user, you can do that from the application itself and restore all the previous access at the Organization and Board level. Learn more about it here.

Apply Additional Conditions for Tags While Filtering Cards

From now on, while filtering cards based on the tags, you can apply additional conditions to specify whether you want to see the cards having all the tags or the cards having any of the tags.

Important Announcement

Please note that from April 2021 onwards, the old UI of the Timesheet Report will be deprecated and only the new Timesheet Report layout will be available.

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