This realease introduces various several enhancements and new features. 

Here are the highlights of SwiftKanban version 4.3:

Filtering Card Owners by Role

From the pop-up page that lets you change the card owner, you can now filter users by their roles, such as member, manager, reader.
To apply such filter, enter the role followed by owner name(s) in the following format:
# Role:Name Example,#Manager:Dileesh
To include multiple users in the filter, separate their names with comma. 


Sorting Cards on Kanban Board

You can now sort cards on a board by clicking the  icon, and selecting the required Sort Type from the popup.
You can sort cards based on either Queue Aging, or card attributes such as Card Type, Owner, Estimate, Release, Size, Priority, and so on.
You can save your sorting preference across multiple logins by selecting the Persist Sort check box. 

Selecting Team for a New User Made Easy 

While creating a user in the Create and invite member page, you can directly assign a team to that user. 

Importing Cards from an XLSX File 

You can now import cards from an XLSX file by selecting the file format on the Import page.
The Import feature already supports the following file formats:
  • Microsoft Excel Worksheet (.xls)
  • Comma Separated Values (.csv)

We hope you like these improvements!

As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Please keep them coming on the SwiftKanban Feedback portal and let others vote on them as well!

If you see an error or an issue, drop us a quick note on [email protected]

Thank you!


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