Adding Kanban Cards from Email

Want to add a card to Kanban board but not have the access to the SwiftKanban site? Now you can add cards to your Kanban board directly from your email if you have the board ID of your Kanban board.
Not just adding cards, you can assign cards, add attachments and comments right from your inbox and also receive update notifications without accessing the SwiftKanban user interface.


Enhancing Excel Import

We have enhanced the Microsoft® Excel-based import template. The revamped template has following added capabilities: 
• LoV values for all attribute fields like Card Type, Priority, and others are now available as a drop-down value. 
• Add cards directly to the board using this template. Previously, you could only add them on the backlog. 
• Some of the default field values will automatically be filled in, if left blank.
• Validation of data is performed on save and errors are thrown as a pop-up message. 

Note: To use this macro-enabled template, you need to use either XLS or XLSM format.

Creating Card Hierarchy Structure Made Easy

Ever thought of establishing the parent child hierarchy structure in a jiffy? The Quick Link feature fulfils that requirement by letting you select multiple cards and link them to a single parent card, or vice versa at the single click of your mouse.
So, you can bulk select the cards, right-click and select parent or child on the same board or across various other boards. 

Enhanced Risk Assessment Module

We have gone one step ahead with our Risk Assessment module and introduced two more exciting features, Tile View and Demand Shaping.

Tile view

With the Tile View, you can now get to see the Risk cards as a tile grouped and placed horizontally in a linear format. You can view them based on Backlog or Active Cards, or view them all.

Moreover, you can click and toggle to the detailed Tile view which has information like Risk Dimensions and Custom Attributes of the cards embedded into each of the rectangles. 
We have also introduced filter on the Tile view which lets you refine your view based on various parameters like Card Size, Card Type, Priority and Class of Service. 
Note: Exclusively available to SwiftKanban ESP module subscribers.

Demand Shaping

You can use the Demand Shaping view to refine the Risk Cards based on the values of Risk Dimensions. 
You can drag the slider of each dimension, and set the range of the dimension values, the Risk Cards matching with your requirement are displayed in the collapsible panes, where each of the panes have certain number of cards either falling inside or outside of the set range. 
So, you can group them based on cards falling inside or outside of your chosen range. 
The demand shaping helps you understand the demand analysis of Risks using the outcome-driven (ODD) design approach, and take a quick, informed decision on the risk trade-offs. 

Note: Exclusively available to SwiftKanban ESP module subscribers

Analysis Made Easy: Hierarchy Status Report

Introducing a board-wise Hierarchy Status report which offers detailed information of a linked card like percent complete, estimate, due dates and others in relation to its parent or child cards.
The hierarchy is displayed in a tree structure, and can be drilled down up to three levels. So, you can further configure the report by applying filters based on card type, size, release and child card drill-down view, and others, and also export the whole report into the CSV format.

Adjacency Matrix Simplified

Adjacency matrix has now been simplified, and is much easier now to interpret with visibly bright colors. 
Moreover, the colors used in the adjacency matrix are also explained as a legend on the chart.

WebServices Enhancements for Team Member Services

We have also added the new web service for retrieving last login date of all active users in Organization 
getAllUsersLastLogin: Fetches last login date of all active users in Organization

We hope you like these new features!

As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Please keep them coming on the SwiftKanban Feedback portal and let others vote on them as well! 
If you see an error or an issue, drop us a quick note on [email protected].
Thank you!
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