Introducing Enhanced Flag Options for Backlog Board Cards!

Previously, you could only use the Vote flag on the Backlog Board cards. Now, all manual flags can be utilized on Backlog Board cards. So, if a card on the Kanban Board with an issue flag is moved to the Backlog Board the same will persist. Similarly, if you transfer a card or add a card from Backlog to Kanban Board the flags applied on the card persist. You can even seamlessly apply filters and legends using these manual flags. And that’s not all – Add to Board option now lets you move your card to any column on the Kanban Board. Read more here.

Backlog Board Enhancements

Introducing To-Do Completed Date

Previously, there was no easy way to view the completion date of To-Do tasks. This required users to access the Activity log of the card to check for completion dates.  Now, we have introduced the To-Do Completed Date attribute. This nifty addition lets you effortlessly see when your To-Dos were completed, right on the listing page as well as when you hover over the To-Do Completed Date icon on the To-Do tab of a card. And that’s not all – you can also track these dates in the Timesheet Report.

To-Do Completed Date

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