This realease introduces several enhancements and new features.
Here are the highlights of SwiftKanban version 4.7:

Personal View 

Finding it tedious to navigate to Kanban view of each board and then filter the cards that matter to you? Not anymore, directly switch to Personal View and access all the relevant information related to your assignments. 

The Personal View provides you following features:

  • All the cards, tagged to you across various boards, are shown in To-Do, In-Progress, Done lane .
  • Configurable pie-chart of your cards showing rendering various statuses.
  • Personal notes to quickly jot down your thoughts.
  • Calendar view that shows the card and release due dates.
  • Notification view that lists all of your notifications.

Enhanced Bulk Edit View

We have significantly enhanced the Bulk Edit feature in the Linked Cards section, so that you have more flexibility and ease in building the card hierarchy in bulk.

Find the following enhancements in our new release:
  • Icons are more prominent.
  • The Search has been made more powerful. You can perform the comma separated search and also Global Search in the Search field.
  • You can copy and paste the cards from the Excel sheet to the Bulk Edit screen.
  • The Save button is now provided so that you can save the child links. 

Enhanced Web Services

We have significantly enhanced the performances of couple of web services like addMultipleCard, updateMultipleCard, and others. 

We hope you like these new features!

As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Please keep them coming on the SwiftKanban Feedback portal and let others vote on them as well! 
If you see an error or an issue, drop us a quick note on [email protected].
Thank you!
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