Introduced Teams Filter in Backlog Board

From this release onwards, we have enhanced the filter capability on Backlog Board by giving the option to filter out cards as per Teams. This helps you to quickly view all the cards on your Backlog Board that are specific to a group of members added to a Team to achieve a specific goal. To know more about applying filters to view specific cards on Backlog Board, read here.

Availability of Parent Card Details in Org Level CDA & FDA

Previously, at Board level CDA and FDA, we could refine the data of the parent-child cards belonging to a particular Board. But this feature was not available for Organization level CDA and FDA. From this release onwards, we have enhanced these data summarization features at the organization level, which will provide you with the data of the parent-child cards. You can select the attributes like Parent Card Board, Parent Card ID, Parent Card Title, and Parent Card Type for both Organization level CDA and FDA and check the count of child cards for each parent card across multiple Boards in an organization.

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