Introducing Badges in SwiftKanban Café

Sending or receiving Kudos from SwiftKanban Café has been a great way to show appreciation but now it comes with extra perks. Every Kudo you send or receive is not just a token of appreciation but also an opportunity to earn valuable points towards a Gold, Silver, or Bronze badge. So, let’s celebrate by sending kudos! To know more, read here.

Badges in SK

Enhanced Due Date Filtering on Kanban Board

We have enhanced the Filter option in your Kanban Board for the Due Date attribute. The Due Date attribute now has two additional options: None and Due in 90 Days. It will help you filter cards with no due date specified or if they are due in the next 90 days. To know more about it, read here.

Due Date Board Filter

Important Announcement

Effective from the end of April 2024, the current REST API getCardList within the Card Service will be limited to fetching details solely of your active cards on the Board. To access details of closed cards, it’s essential to transition to the newly introduced REST API getClosedCardList within the Card Service. This API efficiently retrieves details of all cards in archived, discarded, or aborted status, streamlining your search by narrowing it down to closed cards, without cluttering results with active ones.

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