Create More Story Maps

Earlier we were able to create a single Story Map for our Board. But many a time, having one Story Map is not enough. Your business or functional requirement mandates that you have a separate Story Map for a separate product or feature roadmap. For example, on one hand, you want to build a mobile app similar to your web application, on another hand, you want to build the Analytics feature for your application. Both of them require a separate product journey involving different personas, a different set of Epic-Theme-User Story, and may also be tracked in a separate Release and Sprints. So, for such varied requirements, it is important that you create separate Story Maps, and not just one.

To fulfill such requirements, we have enhanced the Story Map feature, which now lets you create any number of Story Maps and track a separate product or feature roadmap.

Enhancement in Card Flags

Now, you no need to worry about flags when you transfer a card from one Board to another as all the active flags on that card are also transferred to the new Board.

Control the Release and Sprint View

Now, get better control over the list of Release and Sprints as you can decide to view only Open Release and Sprints. Just click the slider button on the Release or Sprints header and view the open ones only.

Add Image to the External Work Request Form

Give more power to the end-users of the External Work Request form as now, they can add an image to the Description field. While filling up the form, users can add an image from the device, from a URL or simply by taking a screenshot and copying in the Description field. Once that form is submitted, the same image will be displayed in the Description field of the corresponding card in SwiftKanban.

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