Badges Now Visible Across SwiftKanban

In continuation to the enhancements in Café, we have extended the visibility of the badges in the different areas of the SwiftKanban application. Whether you’re collaborating on the Kanban Board, managing dependencies on the Dependency Board, refining priorities in the Backlog Board, or other application areas, your badges will be displayed on the profile pictures, showcasing your achievements and recognition. To know more, read here.


Enhanced Filtering Cards by Date Range

Previously, filtering by due date offered predefined timeframes like Due Today, Due This Week, and more. Now, with the new options, Start Date and End Date, you can define your desired date range to tailor your Board view precisely to your needs. Whether you’re planning ahead or reviewing past work, setting a custom date range ensures you see only what matters most. To know more about it, read here.

Start date End Date Filter

Stay Notified for Your Cards

Previously, users received notifications only for cards created by you. With our latest update, if you’re the owner of a card – regardless of who created it – you can now subscribe to receive notifications for the selected events. You’ll stay in the loop if a card is blocked, moved, or undergoes any other subscribed event. This enhancement ensures you never miss important updates on the cards you’re responsible for. To know more, read here.

Subscribe events owned by me

Important Announcement

Effective from 31st May 2024, the current REST API getCardList within the Card Service will be limited to fetching details solely of your active cards on the Board. To access details of closed cards, it’s essential to transition to the newly introduced REST API getClosedCardList within the Card Service. This API efficiently retrieves details of all cards in archived, discarded, or aborted status, streamlining your search by narrowing it down to closed cards, without cluttering results with active ones.

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