Right on the heels of our 1.4 release, we released a few minor yet handy features in last few weeks. These were requested by our users and we quickly released them. These have certainly enhanced the usability of the software!

Following are the usability enhancements you will find remarkable:

Track Comments in Exported Files

Now, comments are also included in the exported file which may be in MS Excel or CSV format. This will help you to track the discussion related to a card when you export cards from SwiftKanban. The comments will be in the order they were added by team members, along with the data and time details.

Add Comments Offline

You can now also add comments for cards exported to an MS Excel or CSV file. So when you are not logged on to SwiftKanban, you can add your comments at a time for cards and then upload the file with comments when connected.  Read more on how to add comments in an exported file..

Importing Cards from Other System Gets Better

With the new, Date Identified field introduced for cards, the actual date when the story or defect was identified out of the system will also be included into SwiftKanban metrics. This will give the Product Owners a true picture, especially the Lead Time, by bringing in this date into SwiftKanban. Earlier, for cards imported into SwiftKanban, metrics were calculated based on the ‘Date Created’ field which was the date and time stamp when cards were imported into SwiftKanban. Read More..

Adding Users Gets Quicker

You can now add users quickly into the application by just adding the necessary details required. You can add or edit details later, if required in the Detail view.
Read More on how to add users quickly..

Improved visibility on Card Status

Simply hovering on a card displays the most recent comments related to the card. This will help to get any recent status of the card during the stand-up calls quickly instead of opening the Comments window, thus saving time.

Edit Card by Card ID

If you track cards by their Ids more than the card title, you can now view the card Id when editing the card on the board.


We heartily thank all our users who directly or indirectly, provided their valuable feedback. It will be great to hear from you on these cool features. We will continue to implement more features to give our users an enriching experience with SwiftKanban.
Do send us your feedback and suggestions, or drop us a line at [email protected]. You may even post them on the SwiftKanban Community page


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