Enhancing the Way You View the Card Type-Wise Progress of Child Cards

Earlier, if the Show CardTypeWise Progress on Parent card admin policy was On, then the card type-wise progress of child cards used to be visible and persisted on the parent card. Now, if the policy is On then a newly introduced icon, Card Type wise Progress will be visible on the left toolbar on the Kanban Board. On clicking the icon, the card type-wise progress of child cards can be seen on the parent cards.

This progress will be visible until you remain active in the same window. Once you navigate to another window or log out of the application, the progress of child cards will disappear from the parent card, and can be activated again by clicking the Card Type wise Progress icon.

Viewing Card Icons While Hovering Over the Cards

In the new card layout, any inactive icon (except Block, Comment, and Attachment) on a card will not be visible all the time. You can view these icons while hovering over the card. But, once you use any of these icons on a card, it will be visible on the card and its value can be seen as a hover-over text. 

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